The Selection and Design Process


At ABC, we believe in great books, which is why the ABC catalog is fully vetted.

The title list begins with bookseller favorites, and then we add award-winners, reviewer favorites, and hidden gems from publisher lists.

We collect title ideas throughout the year, and in the late summer we assemble these books into a “wish list” that includes roughly twice the number of books that we will ultimately need for the catalog. This editorial process is what distinguishes the ABC catalog from many other seasonal catalogs.

This “wish list” is sent to the publishers, who then decide which of their titles they want to support with their marketing dollars.

The result? A beautiful and flexible marketing tool with broad appeal for customers regardless of store size and location.

The catalog has no date, and generally does not include holiday titles so it remains fresh. A great effort is made to include as many fall titles as possible to extend the life of the catalog. In addition there is a positive Buy Local message throughout to further add value for stores and consumers.

As a benefit of their membership, ABC stores are entitled to up to 5,000 of these catalogs free for the price of shipping. For a small additional fee, the catalogs may be custom imprinted. For a very reasonable price, ABC store members can present their customers with a full color catalog worth many times the cost of their ABC membership.

Typical Category Breakouts

The ABC Catalog contains great books for a wide variety of ages and interests, and they are generally presented in the following categories:

  • Babies and Toddlers
  • Picture Books
  • Early Readers
  • Middle Grade
  • Teen
  • Fun for All (family activity)
  • Great and Graphic
  • Non Fiction Favorites
  • Award Winners and Backlist Gems

nurture-your-community-go-indieBuy Local Branding

The ABC Catalog is branded throughout with a strong Buy Local message to further enhance the catalog’s value to booksellers.

This branding is consistent with ABA’s IndieBound campaign, and ABC works closely with ABA to amplify this important message for bookstore customers.

For more information, check out the Catalog FAQ’s.

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